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Articles Archive

November 2006: Choice of Law in Interstate Child Support Modification Cases

July 2005: UIFSA’s “Spring Back” Provisions of Continuing, Exclusive Jurisdiction

June 2005: Summer Camp Expenses in Child Support Guidelines

February 2005: Update: Retained Earnings of Corporation

July 2004: The "Cost Shares" Model of Child Support Guideline

May 2004: Personal Injury Settlements as “Income” for Purposes of Child Support

April 2004: Supplemental Security Income and Child Support

March 2004: Deviation for Cost of Living Differential

January 2004: Adoption Assistance Benefits are Not “Income” to Either Parent

October 2003: The Consideration of “Capital Contributions” As Business Expenses

August 2003: Abatement of Child Support Upon De Facto Change of Custody

May/June 2003: The Constitutionality of Child Support Guidelines Redux

April 2003: Determining “Earning Capacity” in Imputed Income Cases

March 2003: A Guide to Child Support Enforcement and Military Personnel

February 2003: Child Support in High Income Cases

January 2003: Interest on Past Due Child Support

November/December 2002: The Effect of Bankruptcy on Child Support Enforcement

October 2002: Ordering Fathers Not To Procreate as a Condition of Probation for Failure to Pay Child Support: An Unconstitutional Exercise of Judicial Power

September 2002:Corporate or Partnership “Retained Earnings” as Income Under Child Support Guidelines

August 2002:The Deductibility of Depreciation as a Legitimate Business Expense of Self-Employed Parents

July 2002: Modification of Child Support Due to a Change in the Guidelines

June 2002: The General Accounting Office Report on Child Support Enforcement

May 2002:The Constitutionality of Child Support Guidelines, Part II

April 2002: The Constitutionality of Child Support Guidelines, Part I

March 2002: Private Attorney Access to Child Support Enforcement Tools in The Recommendations of the U.S. Commission on Interstate Child Support

February 2002: A Trustee’s Standing to Enforce Child Support

January 2002:Update: Stock Options as Income for Purposes of Child Support

December 2001: Indirect Proof of Hidden Income

November 2001: Consideration of a Child’s Independent Income as a Deviation Factor Under the Guidelines

October 2001: The Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act and Garnishment for Child Support

September 2001: Child Support Guidelines and High Income Parents

August 2001: The “Nonmodifiable Aspects” of a Child Support Order Under Section 611 of UIFSA

July 2001: Statutes of Limitations for Paternity Actions and Their Support Obligations

June 2001: The Parental Rights of Rapists

May 2001: Using QDRO's to Enforce Spousal and Child Support

April 2001: The New Uniform Parentage Act (2000): Parenting for the Millennium

March 2001: UIFSA and Statutes of Limitations

February 2001: Lottery Winnings as “Income” for Purposes of Child Support

January 2001: Child Support and Federal Preemption

December 2000: The Link Between Visitation and Support Compliance

November 2000: The Effect of Social Security Benefits on Child Support

October 2000: The Duty to Pay College/Post-Secondary Educational Expenses

September 2000: Child Support Enforcement in the United States and the Role of the Private Bar

August 2000: What Constitutes Emancipation to Release a Parent From a Child Support Obligation

July 2000: Royalties as “Income” for Purposes of Child Support

June 2000: Imputing Income to the Spiritually Minded

May 2000: Imputing Income to the Incarcerated Parent

April 2000: The Custodial Parent’s Duty to Account to the Noncustodial Parent for How Child Support Money is Spent

March 2000: The Duty to Support Adult Disabled Children

February 2000: Interest on IRAs as “Income” for Purposes of Child Support

January 2000: Inheritances as “Income” for Purposes of Child Support

December 1999: Stock Options as “Income” for Support

November 1999: Hidden Sources of Income

October 1999: The Child Support Obligations of Grandparents

September 1999: The Federal Parent Locator Service

August 1999: The Duty of Stepparents to Support Their Stepchildren

July 1999: Interstate Enforcement of Support: A Short Primer on Federal and Uniform Law

June 1999: Child Support Guidelines and the Shared Custody Dilemma

May 1999: The Use of Economic Data in Child Support Guidelines: The United States Department of Agriculture's Expenditures on Children

March/April 1999: It’s Ten O’Clock: Do You Know Where Your Sperm Are? Toward A Strict Liability Theory of Parentage

Cases Archive

July 1 to November 1, 2006: In re Fulton; Lozner v. Lozner; Arnal v. Arnal; Williams v. Williams; Meredith v. Meredith; Oliekan v. Oliekan; Smith v. Smith; In re Baker; Gibbons v. Kugle; deLeon v. Jenkins; Corapcioglu v. Roosevelt; Walker v. Grow; In re Marriage of Eilers; Grant v. Hager; In re Marriage of Anglin; McKyer v. McKyer; Dedek v. Dedek; Kimbrough v. Com., Child Support Div. ex rel. Belmar; In re State ex rel. Taylor; Nelson v. Nelson; and Department of Social Services v. L.T.

September 1, 2005: Alaska Department of Revenue v. Wallace; In re Marriage of Calcaterra and Badakhsh; Rodney P. v. Stacy B.; Gripshover v. Gripshover; Chesney v. Chesney; Johanson v. Johanson; Buchholz v. Buchholz; Lee v. Lee; Novinger v. Smith; Nischal v. Nischal; In re J.I.Z.; Bruemmer v. Bruemmer; In re Marriage Holmes

July 1, 2005: Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. v. Zaldivar; McCarthy v. Popwell; Veselsky v. Veselsky; Farish v. Farish; Decker v. Decker; Cohen v. Cohen; Burns v. Ross; Brandner v. Brandner; Gonzalez v. Tippit

June 1, 2005: United States v. Morrow; Mattingly v. MattinglyD.F. v. L.T., Jr.Maschoff v. LeidingAbellard v. AimePatrick v. Britt; Chen v. Warner.

May 1, 2005: Lawson v. Lawson; Lucas v. Lucas; Weinstein v. Weinstein; Keeley v. Keeley; Konsoulas v. Konsoulas; Freilich v. Freilich; In re Marriage of Lindman; Brodt v. Lewis; Hale v. Hale; Wyatt v. Wyatt; Williams v. Williams; Doll v. Barnell; Scruggs v. Scruggs; In re Donovan; Usack v. Usack; Brim v. Combs; Denholm v. Kaplan; Gaston County ex rel. Miller v. Miller; Hanson v. Hanson; A.M.S. ex rel. Farthing v. Stoppleworth; Knowlton v. Knowlton; In re Marriage of Thanhouser; Ricco v. Novitski; Spahr v. Spahr.

February 7, 2005: Caldwell v. State; In re Marriage of Henry; In re Marriage of Lindman; Keling v. Keling; Caplan v. Caplan; Heselton v. Maffei; Mateer v. Field; Spicer v. Spicer; Boumont v. Boumont; Taylor v. Fezell; Groenstein v. Groenstein; Holtgrewe v. Holtgrewe.

January 13, 2005: United States v. Venturella; N.E. v. Hedges; Walters v. Weiss; Elsenheimer v. Elsenheimer; Florida Department of Revenue v. Kaiser; Metz v. Metz; Storey v. Storey; Davis v. Davis; In re Paternity of K.B.; Kimble v. Ellis.

Cases older than six months are not archived.

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