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Resources and Links for Laypersons

 (This listing is not an endorsement of any of the web sites listed.)

Divorce and Child Custody Information
Children's Defense Fund: Parent's Resource Network Child Support Network
Determination of Child Custody in the United States Divorce as Friends
The Divorce Center Divorce Direct — Divorce Kits
Divorce Guide Divorce Headquarters
Divorce Info Divorce Interactive
Divorce Law Info DivorceNet
Divorce Online DivorceSource
Flying Solo Getting a Get
How to Get a Divorce “I Want a Divorce, Now What?”
Legal dot Net Legal Divorce Forms
National Divorce and Bankruptcy Center
Smart Divorce State Divorce Laws

Resources for Fathers Who Are Having Trouble Making Child Support Payments
Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights Child Support USA
Fathers Child Support Helpline  

DNA Testing
DNA Diagnostics Center  

Child Support

Association for Children for Enforcement of Support (ACES) Bureau of Child Support Enforcement Online
Child Support Busters (Canada)
Child Support Collections Child Support Intervention
Child Support Recovery Service ChildSupport, The National Child Support Network
CSDP Locator Services
Kids' Income Depends On Support, Inc.
Ontario Child Support Law SupportCollectors Support the Children, Inc.

International Child Support Enforcement
Child Support Enforcement Abroad  

Federal Law
Federal Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act (18 USC 228)  

Parenting Time  


The Gitlin Law Firm  


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